• Dimitar Delev

    Dimitar is a seasoned software developer specialized in JavaScript with a passion for functional programming, an avid fan of the latest ECMAScript standards and React.

    He contributes to the development of the developer’s community through lectures and tech talks. He’s been part of local community events such as Beer&Code.

    He also helps with the organization and conduction of a local meet up group called BeerJS Skopje - tied to the global organization that promotes local meetups of JavaScript developers.

  • Aleksandar Melov

    Aleksandar has professional working experience as a researcher in Digital Signal Processing with an emphasis in Audio and Speech Processing. He has been part of the DIPteam at FEEIT and has taken part in research projects for Speech Prosody, Speaker Identification and Diarisation systems, and later in the development of Automatic speech recognition systems.

    Now he works as a researcher in medical image processing.

    His interests also include the development of digital audio synthesis, effects and music production.

  • Stefan Janev

    Stefan has more than 8 years of experience in designing embedded systems and mobile services for diverse technology domains for leading companies in mobile technology.

    For the past two years, Stefan’s focus has been mainly on Android application development, mostly connected to IoT ecosystems.

    During his engagement in design and development of mobile applications, he has been focused on creating sports entertainment applications that involved Bluetooth devices and required battery optimized application with clean code architecture.

  • Bojan Bozinovski

    Bojan is an experienced C#, JavaScript developer who also has taken the position of a technical lead. His work includes the development of web, mobile and desktop solutions. Bojan’s aspirations are focused on React, .NET, electron and cross-platform technologies.

    His specialties are web, 2D, 3D rich graphics and performance.

  • Andrej Trajchevski

    Andrej is an engineer, currently working in H4 where he and the team develop a documentation platform for large financial institutions. He's an active member of KIKA, the hackerspace in Skopje.

    Member of Free Software Macedonia.

    His interests include writing Lisp-to-Brainfuck compilers and bots that write rap.

  • Boro Sitnikovski

    Boro Sitnikovski has 10+ years of experience working professionally as a Software Engineer. His research interests include: programming languages, mathematics, logic, algorithms, and writing correct software. He is a strong believer in the open source philosophy, and contributes to various open source projects. In his spare time he enjoys some time-off with his family.

  • Rado Gabrovski

    Rado graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, and is now a lead developer and a team lead, working on various web-based projects in .Net, Python and cloud-based solutions. He is involved in all parts of the software development lifecycle – requirements gathering, specification and architecture, development and continuous integration.

    Rado is a firm believer in adaptable agile processes as the best way of working in a team and value driven-software development. Outside of work, he is interested in the latest technological developments in AI and Fintech.

  • Kristijan Ristovski a.k.a Kitze

    Kitze had the chance to work and experiment with a variety of frameworks and libraries. He founded React Academy to teach React around the world. He's trying to make it on YouTube. He made products like Sizzy, Twizzy, OK Google, JSUI, etc.