• Stefan Janev

    Stefan has more than 10 years of experience in designing embedded systems and mobile services for diverse technology domains for leading companies in mobile technology.

    For the past four years, Stefan’s focus has been mainly on Android application development, mostly connected to IoT ecosystems.

    During his engagement in design and development of mobile applications, he has been focused on creating sports entertainment and retail applications that involved Bluetooth devices, standalone applications for Tizen and Wear OS smartwatches, which required reliable connection to cloud and battery optimized application with MVVM and clean code architecture.

  • Bojan Bozhinovski (Bush)

    Bojan is an experienced JavaScript, C# developer who also has taken the position of a team lead.

    His work includes the development of web, mobile and desktop solutions. Bojan’s aspirations are focused on React, .NET, electron and cross-platform technologies. His specialties are web, 2D, 3D rich graphics and performance.

  • Lazar Nikolov

    Lazar is a full-stack developer and designer working in a software outsourcing company called CodeChem. He's also a core member of Chakra UI, contributing as a Developer Advocate.

  • Venelina Yanakieva

    Venelina works as a developer since 2012 and has joined the Python team in Melon, Sofia, 7 years ago.

    She is a Trainer in Python courses for DevOps teams, Mentor & Organizer of DjangoGirls Sofia 2016 as well as Presenter in school programs, willing to inspire young people to join the world of programming.

    Venelina is passionate about testing and pair-programming and she is also an outdoor adventurer.

  • Radu Micu

    Radu is a Web Performance Engineer from London, UK with more than a decade of professional experience working with clients like Renault & Nissan, Unilever and Lawn Tennis Association among many others. He has seen the web landscape change, and reinvent itself several times while still enjoying the craziness of null >= 0;

  • Etrit Tahiri

    Etrit is currently the Mobile Team Lead at Frakton, he started his career back in the Eclipse days and has been part of multiple projects with great impact in the world from news apps to health tech and fintech he's seen it all. With more than 30 finished projects he is always looking to be engaged in the latest trends and further develop his craft. Etrit has also been giving back to the community by working as an Android trainer for the last 5 years and helping people to get into Mobile development.