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Albion Hasani

Head of Product, Kin + Carta, SEE

Albion brings over 10 years of expertise in project management, and product development within the Tech sector. Currently, he serves as the Head of Product at Kin + Carta in SEE, overseeing diverse products & portfolios across retail, financial services, and the public sector. With a strong background in both local and international markets, Albion's passion for community extends beyond his professional roles, as he is also lecturer in Project & Product Management for the past 2.5 years.

___________________ 🎙️Escaping the "Feature Factory" Mindset in Product 🎙️ At DevCon | Prishtina, Albion will explore the importance of moving from a short-term, feature-focused delivering mindset and explore the characteristics of Feature Factory thinking among teams and leaders. He’ll discuss what Build Trap is and examine the benefits and drawbacks of shifting from outputs to outcomes. Albion will also focus on the importance of adopting an outcome-focused approach. He’ll reflect on how product management frameworks can guide organizations towards aligning and embracing a more strategic and customer-centric approach to product development. He will address queries like: ✔️ What is the 'Feature Factory mindset' in product development? ✔️ What is the Build trap and how to avoid it? ✔️ What does shifting from Output to Outcomes look like? ✔️ How does adopting a product management framework help? ✔️ How can organizations align and embrace this journey?