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Aulona Avdyli

Java Software Engineer, LinkPlus IT

Aulona is a Java Software Developer with 4 years of experience. She specializes in building robust and scalable solutions, focusing on RESTful APIs and database optimization. Passionate about staying updated with the latest technologies to deliver high-quality software solutions.

🎙️ Unlocking the Potential of RESTful Web Services with Java 🎙️ In her presentation, Aulona will explore RESTful Web Services with Java and the basics of REST architecture and principles behind RESTful APIs. She’ll demonstrate how to create RESTful services using Java frameworks (Spring Boot). From mapping resources to handling requests and responses, you'll learn how to build powerful APIs with Java. She will address queries like: ❓What are the core principles of REST architecture, and how do they influence the design of RESTful APIs? ❓Can you explain the concept of resource mapping in the context of RESTful web services, and how is it implemented in Java frameworks? ❓How do HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) correspond to CRUD operations in RESTful APIs, and how are they handled in Java applications? ❓What are some best practices for handling errors and exceptions in RESTful web services, and how can they be implemented using Java frameworks?