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DevCon | Skopje 2019

In 2019, DevCon | Skopje’s pilot edition was organized by Melon, Foundry and H4, that ended up as a full-house event with more than 250 people joining the one-day conference. Eight speakers covered topics from React Hooks, Electron and ProtoBufs, to GraphQL and Text-Independent Speaker Identification that sparked meaningful discussions. Review the talks from the conference below.


Introduction to GraphQL

Stefan Janev

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React Hooks. What, how, and why.

Dimitar Delev

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The Text-independent Speaker Identification and Diarisation Systems

Aleksandar Melov

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Electron: Desktop apps with JavaScript

Bojan Bozinovski

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DoS-ing Sedmica

Andrej Trajcevski

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Writing correct programs

Boro Sitnikovski

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ProtoBuf: gRPC and Versioned Technology Agnostic Communication

Radoslav Gabrovski

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Navigating the hype-driven world of frontend development without going crazy

Kristijan Ristovski aka Kitze

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