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Agon Osmani

Data Engineer, Kin + Carta

Agon is an aspiring Data and AI Engineer who mainly works with Python and SQL. He’s proficient in employing Pre-built LLMs, Google Cloud Platform Services, and Azure Services.

___________________ 🎙️ A Journey into Intelligent Conversations with LLM's using Retrieval-Augmented Generation 🎙️ At DevCon | Prishtina 2024, Agon will explore the capabilities of GPT-3.5 Turbo and Azure services to create a chatbot that retrieves data, summarizes and performs calculations from your uploaded database on the fly. He will address queries like: ✔️ How does the chatbot cope with diverse databases and integration challenges? ✔️ What are the instances of the chatbot delivering powerful insights through intelligent conversations? ✔️ How does the chatbot maintain context and coherence in responses to complex queries?