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Antonio Nedanoski

DevOps Team Lead at

With 7 years of leadership experience as a DevOps lead at, Antonio has worked in the fintech, healthcare and education industries, driving innovation and efficiency. His expertise spans across AWS cloud solutions, CI/CD pipelines, microservices architecture, and enterprise cloud solutions. He is a proud father of two, former Macedonian DanceSport national champion and ATG lifetime member.

___________________ 🎙️ The Hungry Devops’ Cookbook: How to Bake Enterprise Solutions🎙️ A talk about AWS enterprise solutions, integrating Kubernetes, GitOps, and Helm charts for efficient deployment. Outlining a conceptual framework for scalability and reliability, showcasing GitHub Actions for comprehensive testing. Antonio will address queries like: ✔️ What role does GitOps with ArgoCD play in enterprise infrastructure solutions? ✔️ How to make infrastructure, application code and tests work cohesively? ✔️ How unit and e2e tests in a CI/CD pipeline can help teams deploy more resilient and more stable applications?