Besfort Web Photo

Besfort Guri

President of the Executive Board at FLOSSK

Besfort Guri co-leads Kosovo’s open-source and mapping community. As FLOSSK’s President, he advocates for open-source values. He’s engaged with the OpenStreetMap Foundation and OSGeo, as representative for Kosovo. Besfort co-leads Open Spatial Kosovo and chaired FOSS4G 2023. Through OpS-IN, his Kosovo business, he develops open-source GIS tools, demonstrating his commitment to local and global tech progress.

___________________ 🎙️ Growing FLOSS Organizations Besfort’s talk at DevCon | Prishtina 2024 will explore Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) organizations. He’ll present strategies for building and expanding tech initiatives effectively. He’ll also share tips for establishing physically-independent open-source communities. Last but not least, Besfort will investigate the potential of diversity and inclusivity initiatives within FLOSS organizations and how those enhance project resilience, attract corporate backing and generate value in the ecosystem. He will address queries like: ✔️ How do you build and grow tech initiatives? ✔️ How do you establish physically-independent open-source communities? ✔️ How can FLOSS organizations use diversity and inclusivity initiatives to strengthen projects, gain corporate support, and create value in the tech industry?