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Eroll Gorci

Java Tech Lead, Kin + Carta Prishtina

Eroll's journey into software engineering ignited during his early years, initially through game programming. He then seamlessly transitioned into developing a wider range of software products - his diverse portfolio includes contributions to various industries such as Fintech, E-commerce, and Mobility. Eroll’s tech stack of choice is predominantly Java and its various frameworks.

___________________ 🎙️ Java 21 🎙️ In this talk, Eroll will explore the key features of Java 21, focusing on record patterns, virtual threads, and structured concurrency. Learn how these new enhancements can optimize your development workflow and improve application performance. He will address queries like: ✔️ How do record patterns simplify data processing in Java 21? ✔️ What are virtual threads, and how do they enhance application scalability? ✔️ What is structured concurrency, and why is it important for robust multithreaded applications? ✔️ What additional enhancements does Java 21 introduce to improve performance and developer productivity?"