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Hadrian Hughes

Senior Back-end Engineer, Kin + Carta

Hadrian Hughes is senior back-end engineer at Kin + Carta, a seasoned full-stack developer and command-line geek. He’s passionate about unraveling technical complexities and the design patterns that might solve them.

___________________ 🎙️ Make your work better - and your life easier - with git 🎙️ At DevCon | Prishtina, Hadrian will explore why Git and version control are central to how dev teams work. He’ll try to explain why meaningful code review is often so difficult for many. Also, he’ll touch upon some tested git practices which could help moderate your thought process and better communicate with your team. He will address queries like: ✔️ How do teams benefit from good git practices? ✔️ How are teams held back by bad practices like poor commit messages? ✔️ What leads to poor git practices? ✔️ How can we use git to create a common understanding of our code?