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Marjan Jovanovski

Project Manager

For a quarter of a century Marjan multirole* his service in the IT industry in different domains. He has contributed to optimize, solve problems, craft and deliver tailored solutions in automotive, healthcare, energy, time and labor, humanitarian, entertainment, social and TV networking. He has applied numerous improvements and helped to institutionalize processes. He describes himself as an ever going jigsaw shaping. *multirole - Development, Architecture, Business and Technical analysis, Quality Assurance, Project Management.

___________________ 🎙️The Fabric of Quality🎙️ In his presentation, Marjan will discuss why attaining quality is important for personal and professional development. He’ll explore the conformance to quality standards and the impact from its byproduct, and more importantly - how to fully utilize automation, discipline and self-development when it comes to quality. He will address queries like: ✔️ How much quality should there be in a request? (and why is it lacking?) ✔️ What is the motivation level after a goal is achieved? ✔️ How much impact “coding” has over quality? ✔️ How do we increase our quality output?