Nina And Iva (1)

Nina Hadji Kotarova & Iva Stankovska

QA Automation Engineer | UI/UX Designer, Kin + Carta Skopje

Nina, a QA Automation Engineer with three and a half years of experience, is passionate about continuous learning and staying updated on industry advancements. Actively seeking collaborative learning experiences, she fosters both personal growth and knowledge-sharing. Iva Stankovska is a skilled UI/UX designer with over two years of industry experience. Her know-how lies in crafting intuitive digital experiences, showcasing a keen eye for user-centric design principles.

___________________ 🎙️Visual Testing with AI Set of Eyes🎙️ With their joint talk, Nina and Iva will dive into the intersection of Visual Testing, Accessibility Testing, Usability Testing, and Artificial Intelligence, emphasizing their significance in contemporary software development. They will address queries like: ✔️ What are the benefits of integrating Visual Testing into the QA process? ✔️ Has Accessibility Testing been utilized enough? ✔️ In which ways does Visual Testing enhance User Experience? ✔️ How does Visual Testing with AI assist in maintaining brand consistency and User Interface standards?