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Norik Osmani

Senior .Net Developer, LinkPlus IT

Norik is a seasoned software engineer with 8 years of expertise with .NET and Angular. He specializes in constructing robust and scalable digital solutions by integrating backend and frontend skills. Dedicated to delivering top-notch software, he combines technical expertise with creative problem-solving for innovative projects.

___________________ 🎙️ Beyond Coding with Clean Architecture 🎙️ Norik’ session at DevCon | Prishtina will unveil the secrets of Clean Architecture, going beyond traditional coding. He’ll introduce a fresh approach to software design on how to make your code modular, scalable, easy to maintain, and ensure your systems are robust and future-proof. He will address queries like: ✔️ How does Clean Architecture handle third-party integrations and external dependencies? ✔️ Are there any specific coding patterns or anti-patterns that developers should be mindful of when working with Clean Architecture? ✔️ How does Clean Architecture promote testability? ✔️ Is Clean Architecture only suitable for large-scale projects, or can it be applied to smaller projects as well?