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DevCon | Skopje 2024

DevCon's 4th Skopje edition took place on 11th of May 2024, at the Youth Cultural Center (YCC/МКЦ)! 7 speakers took over the stage at DevCon | Skopje and covered 6 topics on data, DevOps, Java, QA, web development and professional development in IT. About 200 people joined the community event, getting up to date with the latest and greatest in tech. DevCon | Skopje 2024 was organized in partnership by Kin + Carta and Tarmac, and was supported by Women in Tech Macedonia, Marketing 365 and ▶️ Check out the talk recordings below.


Chat with your own data by using LLaMA2 and LangChain

Tashko Pavlov

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Java 21

Eroll Gorci

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The Hungry Devops’ Cookbook: How to Bake Enterprise Solutions

Antonio Nedanoski

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Visual Testing with AI Set of Eyes

Nina Hadji Kotarova & Iva Stankovska

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Marjan Jovanovski

The Fabric of Quality

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It's not the 1990s any more

Ben Galloway

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